e needed.A few, like myself, had● come overland with the stock trains; but the▓ throng was made up chiefly of those who ha▓d paid a Montreal agency $

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2.50 for the privi●lege of shipping. Over these we were giv▓en precedence.“Farnsworth’s gang” was sum▓moned first and under the lead of our boss we fi▓led into th

e shipping-office, to be greet●ed by a blustering officer seated ▓before the ship’s log: “What’●s yer name” 5“H.Franck.” “Ever ▓been over before” “Yes, ●sir, on the Manchester Importe▓r.” The name was recorded and I touched the ▓pen to make binding the contract I had si●gned by proxy. “All right! Fi 癔 bob fer the run.Next!” Our boss was enti▓tled to eight men, four of whom he had already● chosen.

The last of these had barely given hi●s name, when the “agency stiff●s” swept aside the policeman who had held● them back, and surged screaming into the ▓office.We left them to fight for the cov▓eted places and, stepping out into th▓e night, groped our way on board the Sar▓dinian.Even while we wander●ed among the empty cattle pens, built o▓n her four decks, we clung jealously to ou●r bundles, for the skill of the▓ Montreal wharf-rat in “lifti

  • ep●orted at a wharf peopled
  • by a half-hundred ▓men w
  • hose only basis of fellowship,
  • apparentl●y, was pennile
  • ssness and riotous desire to ●s
  • ecure passage to the Bri


ng bag●s” is proverbial among seafaring men. T▓owards midnight several loads of ba●led straw were sent on board, and those ●of us who had not succeeded in hidin●g “turned to” to bed down the pens.Like man●y another transatlantic liner, the Sard▓inian, homeward bound, carried▓

George - tish Isles.Twe

cattle in the spaces allotted to thi▓rd-class passengers on the outward journey.It ●was not, however, for this reason, as on▓e of my new acquaintances was convince●d, that this section of the

Adrian - lve hu●ndred
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